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Product Reviews for Muntrose Medium Chevron Cabinet

Good products, good service

Good personal service, good quality items

November 29, 2021
Good product and good customer service

Nice product, proactive customer service as I was kept informed about delays to delivery because of border check introducers due to Brexit, but Delivery service could be better, there is no need of pallet with the box, it creates unnecessary hassle for me to dispose. Unnecessary trip to recycling center as could not dispose as house hold waste. It would be nice if Pallet could be taken back or not used at all.

February 5, 2021

I have had my eye on this gorgeous cabinet for a while, but was waiting to move into my new flat before purchasing. It couldn’t come soon enough! Absolutely stunning piece of furniture. It makes the front room! The delivery was so quick and I’d recommend to anyone.

July 9, 2020